Lionel Messi, Paris Saint of Germain

PSG's Argentinian striker is often considered one of the greatest players of all time. The only player in history to win five balls and arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. Watching his skill, passing quality, thoroughness and scoring over a bowl of popcorn is a joy. GOAT is now officially the old Barcelona and we'll have to wait and see where Messi plays in the 2023-23 season, but there's no doubt that the football legend has won the well-deserved title of best player in a decade.



Cristiano Ronaldo - Al-Nassr FC

The only player to have competed with Messi in the last ten years, Ballon d'Or this year, goal machine, beauty yes, is Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese, Manchester first striker United Former league team of Juventus and Real Madrid.Currently, some experts even consider it better than its competitor, which is impressive. Two seasons ago, he won the Scudetto and Serie A MVP, as well as the Nations League trophy. Ronaldo's incredible pace, physical ability and unparalleled football intelligence have earned him a place in football history.



Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City

The Belgian footballer impressed everyone in the Premier League while playing for Manchester City. He is considered one of the best players in the world who has what it takes to be the best midfielder.He has been named IFFHS World's Best Playmaker, Premier League Playmaker of the Season, UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the Season, Bundesliga Player of the Year and UEFA Champions League Player of the Year in the UEFA Champions League.



Karim Benzema – Real Madrid

On the pitch, Karim Benzema has reached a level definitely unattainable for most players. The Frenchman has been a renowned and reliable Real Madrid player for years and ended the 2023-2022 season with one of the best of his career. Benzema has retired from international football after France's trip to the World Cup final was cut short through injury. He won the Ballon d'Or in October, one of his last career wins, but on his 35th birthday he announced his decision to retire in from Les Bleus.



Erling Haaland - Manchester City

The Manchester City striker is known for his pace, flexibility and strength. With his great moves on the court, he made everyone a fan. Today he is one of the best young players in the world. Erling represents the best of the future of football. He's a killer striker with incredible positional sense and the ability to be in the right place at the right time. His potential is incredible and in a few years he could be at the top of the list of best players.



Robert Lewandowski - FC Barcelona

A Polish professional footballer currently plays for Barcelona and is the captain of the Polish national team. It is valued by amateurs for its structure, technique and finish. In the same year, Lewandowski was named FIFA Player of the Year and UEFA Player of the Year. Without a doubt, he remains one of the most modern footballers of his generation. His incredible positioning and goal-scoring skills have made him one of the deadliest goalscorers in the world and one of the most feared forwards in the world.



Neymar - Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar, one of the best footballers in the world, currently plays in Ligue 1 for Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar is the country's second-top scorer with 64 goals in 103 games, just behind Pelé. He was instrumental in winning the 2011 South American Youth Championship and was top scorer. It has won many popular and prestigious awards. Despite injuries in recent seasons, he has managed to recover and continues to play at the elite level.



Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool FC

Dutch professional footballer Virgil van Dijk plays for Premier League club Liverpool and is captain of the Netherlands national team. He signed from Southampton to Liverpool in January 2018 and it proved to be one of the best moves the team has made in recent years. Since then, Virgil has developed into one of the Premier League's leading defenders and is the anchor of Liverpool's defence.



Hakim Ziyech - Chelsea

Ziyech is a Chelsea midfielder and an integral part of his squad and the Moroccan national team. The 29-year-old has found great success on the international stage, largely due to his fantastic ball control, versatility, world-class vision, speed and versatility.As for the greatest achievements of his career, he is the winner of UEFA Champions League in 2020/2021 season and UEFA Super Cup in 2021/2022 season. He was also the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 winner. Hakim had an impressive streak at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.