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Watch American Sports Like NFL NBA NHL and MLB Live Stream online at Sportsurge ? Sportsurge


Sportsurge is the one of the most popular free streaming sites in the US which has been around for a longtime on and off. Sportsurge was started to cover only the american sports like NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. However over the years it has eveloved and now serve as full fledged sports streaming site where you can watch any sport competition which is being broadcasted anywhere in the world. Be it the T20 Cricket World Cup or Rugby World Cup. Premier League matches or some league game from obscure league in europe.


All the major sports federations have ensured extensive coverage rights around the world and with people moving away from traditional tv channels to online streaming free sites like Sportsurge come really handy for fans who are either stuck at work or dont have traditional coverage from official sources in their part of the world. So lets say you are Eagles fan, holidaying somehwere in Europe. But your favourite team is playing back home but you have no way to access live coverage via tv or official channels. You can visit and watch all NFL games live online for free.

How does Sportsurge Works ?


Unlike other streaming sites, Sportsurge do not post or publish any live streams instead its the streamers themselves who post their sites links with the page which has the stream on it. Once they post their stream into Sportsurge system, it collects all the links for a specific match and makes a thread which is available around 1 hour before the start of that match. So like that all sports like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Boxing, UFC, Formula 1 and Soccer are covered automatically.




NFL is the most important league in American sports. NFL is not only the most lucrative sport in American but worldwide. Even more then that off Premier League. That is why every single NFL game will be covered on Sportsurge with priority. From August to end of NFL regular season.


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When it comes to motorsports, Formula 1 is by far the most important sport in this category. F1 is considered as ultimate test of a driver and it is also watched around the world by most number of motorsport fans. FIA the parent company of F1 has made sure extensive coverage rights across the world. However in some countries it is very difficult and expensive sports to follow and watch. On this site however you will find live streams of every Formula 1 grand prix throughout the 2023/24 seasons.


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When it comes to fight sports boxing and UFC are in the league of their own. Boxing have been around since the start of 2Oth century and during Muhammad Ali era it took sports broadcasting to whole new level. Ultimately all other major sports should be thankful to some of the Boxing greatest like Ali, Joe Frazier who made sports mainstream around the world. At Sportsurge you will be able to watch every big boxing fight and all the UFC main events with over 100+ links for every fight.




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Sportsurge is a streaming aggregator website and system where you can find the best possible streaming links mainly focused on American Sports. All NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB matches are covered at this site.


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