Defending at Augusta seems almost impossible and these are the sport's only titans to have pulled it off: Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods. That's the whole list. But if anyone brought the masters back to modern times, it would be SCHEFFLER in its current form. SCHEFFLER conserves his wildly eccentric style and leads again in early era of 2023. While SCHEFFLER was impressively good for the Masters last season after notching up three wins just months earlier, Data Golf's numbers show he's even stronger in 2023.At this point, SCHEFFLER had already won the Players Championship and repeated it at the WM Phoenix Open.



Rory McIlroy

No player feels more pressure on the pitch than McIlroy. It's hard to believe that Rory, the biggest star of his generation, hasn't won a Main Event since the 2014 PGA Championship at the age of just 25. McIlroy has yet to win the Masters tournament. He's probably the most talented player not to have a Scottish cheeseburger at this week's Champions of Champions dinner. August McIlroy's track record is good on paper. At last year's incredible Sunday 64, Rory took an unexpected second place. Those first two have earned McIlroy seven top ten finishes over the past nine years. However, despite good results, Rory never presented a credible threat of winning the event during this period. Unless you're thinking about the last-lap crash in 2011 that McIlroy wished he could have missed.



Jordan Spieth

No one in the modern generation has a more consistent track record of creating more compelling moments than Augusta than Jordan Spieth. In the date of 2015 there is a striking victory and two second places. Five first places in the first three of nine starts is a bust. Some players only get a glimpse of Augusta and play with her unique contours to get the best out of every situation. There is always the possibility of a special hole or a wild shot. SPIETH is under stress from not having won a key event since in the era of 2017 Open Championship, but his current form this week gives him plenty of optimism to fight.



Jon Rahm

A month ago it would have seemed crazy to have Rahm so small. RAHM looked amazingly unbeatable in the starting of the season by winning three out of five starts on the tour of PGA. He was the living incarnation of Bowser in Mario Golf, a tall, powerful, sometimes unstable player with incredible length off the tee and enough skill off the tee to make birdies at will. When Rahm is in overdrive, he can hit long enough to escape the event.Although the last month has been difficult, it is impossible to name a player who facilitates activation and always becomes the best. Rahm has never finished lower than 27th after four consecutive top 10 finishes.



Cameron Smith

The defending Open champion has an exciting week ahead in Georgia and the personality named as Smith is a great champion with a great track record in Augusta. The Aussie had different types of top 10 finishes, including three top 5 finishes, over the past five years. He became the first player to score all four innings in the 1960s and finished second in 2020. But LIV Golf v.impossible to get lost. Smith did not play for the PGA Tour schedule his skills and talent were deficient in the big professional games, which often colliery top players against each of them. After the season he had in 2022, Smith made the best calls in the world. Policies of that era was prevented Smith from defending his professional Tournament of Champions or professional Players of the Championship titles. Does Smith still belong to the elite of golf and play in every major tournament? The talent, the track profile and the trophy Smith was able to win this week.



Xander Schauffele

The San Diego State product is hoping to step down from the label as one of the game's less specialized talents Schauffele nearly won in 2019 and 2021.



Justin Thomas

A slow start to 2023 with just two 10s in nine events has eroded his recent form. There are two main matches of Championships of Augusta National.




In spite of the increasing of all best ans professional player named as Cantlay has struggled to find that elite form at the Masters. The tour's usual top ten machine appears on only one out of five appearances.



Collin Morikawa

One of golf's brightest forwards has finally broken through the Masters and finished in the top five for 2022. Due to a recent performance dip after a hot start, Morikawa is looking for answers this week.



Dustin Johnson

Despite LIV Golf's easier schedule of late, it would be foolish to call the former champion and August excellent.